Supporting the leaders of tomorrow

ארוחת הערב הרשמית עם שגרירים ודיפלומטים זרים


to the leaders of tomorrow

When you give to the International Center for Leadership and Diplomacy (ICLD), you bring new opportunities to the future generations of leaders around the world.

יום כדור הארץ במשרד החוץ 2021

Can my gift really make a difference? Yes!

Gifts of all sizes play an essential role at ICLD.

Here are the ways your gift can really make a difference:

Launching educational program, joint projects and new initiatives

סך-הכל-בוגרי-המרכז - אודות המרכז הישראלי למנהיגות צעירה

Providing scholarships for young leaders with economical challenges

הפעלת-תכנית - אודות המרכז הישראלי למנהיגות צעירה

Supporting global and external activities

נסיון-בשליחת-53-משלחות - אודות המרכז הישראלי למנהיגות צעירה

Opening new groups in schools and municipalities around the world

The very generous contributions of our friends are our only means of providing scholarships, launching educational projects, opening groups in schools and municipalities, and supporting external activities around the world.

Donations are an essential part of organizations and educational institutes, sustaining their growth, and rapid development renders considerable donations vital.

A large group of friends, organizations and supporters have rallied around ICLD, demonstrating their belief in our vision and have come to our aid.

We invite new friends to join us, throughout the world, to help us continue building our international oriented center for generations of young leaders to come.

השגרירים הצעירים בפסגת הנוער

Supporting the leaders of tomorrow