Youth Diplomacy Online

פעילות-בזירה-הדיגיטלית - אודות המרכז הישראלי למנהיגות צעירה
אירוע סיכום הפרויקט המשותף בין השגרירים הצעירים משנה ג' מרמת גן וגבעתיים לבין מנהיגים צעירים מאוניברסיטת רבאט שבמרוקו. במהלך האירוע נכחו השגריר הישראלי למרוקו - מר דוד גוברין, יועצו הבכיר של מלך מרוקו - מר אנדרה אזולאי, שגריר מרוקו לאו"ם לשעבר - מר מוחמד לואיליצ'קי, מתאם הפרויקט - מר סידני קורקוס ורכזת הפרויקט המרוקאי - ד"ר סוקיינה טאופיק.

Youth Diplomacy Online

The digital dialogue between young leaders from different countries is essential to the relations between youth and young adults in the global world. 

The lack of dialogue leads inevitably to misunderstandings, predigests and misconceptions among those who are supposed to be the future leaders of tomorrow. 

Thus, the best way to bring together youth from different countries are by programs of youth exchange. Although, In the absence of such exchanges (due to distance, budget and other constraints) and as of the fact that the social media networks of communication are utilized daily by youth all over the world, organized digital dialogues are the most effective tool to develop understanding, friendships and cooperation between the future generations.  


  • Bring together youth of different countries to get to know each other

  • Enrich their knowledge of each other countries

  • Be acquainted on regional and global issues

  • Develop such a meaningful dialogue which will hopefully bring the youngsters to be involved, to care and develop common projects

First Part

Session #1 

Presentation of the dialogue following Untraditional Meeting 

The students will hear about the program and its goals. 

The goal of the first meeting is to break the ice and introduce each participant to the group. Furthermore, they will develop their communication skills and self-confidence. 

To achieve this goal, the students will be asked to shoot a 45 second video including different aspects about themselves. The videos will be uploaded and presented to the group and the instructor will point his remarks about the presentation, body language etc.  


Session #2 

Different strokes for different folks 

The students from each country will be asked what comes in mind when they think about the other student's country. We will examine the misconceptions and have an interactive session about prejudice in general. The goal is to show each group how they can deal with misrepresentation in general and their country specifically and will be given a task to represent their country following other activities.     


Sessions #3 & #4 

The power of social media 

First Part: We will dive into the social media world. What are the different platforms that we use, how can we use them more effectively? We will discuss some of the bias on social media against countries and how we can work to change it. We will also look at how we can work together to create a better social media environment and build bridges between youth around the world. The goal is to try and establish a global social network of youth that is based on a shared "language". 

Second Part

The instructor and the students will think of a joint project to do for the end of the dialogue process.  


Sessions #5 & #6 

Prove your point: Debate  

The students will learn the core of debate, how to do it right and how to relay your message correctly. They will be divided into teams; each team will receive an opposite point of view regarding a certain topic and they will have to present it and make their case using negotiations skills.  

Session #7 

Meet the experts 

Each side will invite an expert on a topic of its choice and present it to the two groups. For example, the Israeli side will present an expert on the "Startup Nation to hear about Israel's achievements in technology and innovation. 

Sessions #8 & #9 

Live Tour in 2 cities 

The students will go on a virtual tour with their instructors during a live broadcast. They will visit sites, learn about each other culture, hear stories and be able to ask questions. 

Session #10 & #11 

Stepping into the shoes of the other    

Each side will present to the other side a major topic\problem which affects his country very much. It will be followed by a discussion on how to solve the problem in creative ways through prolific dialogue and exchange of ideas. 

Session #12 


We will host a final event with representatives of both sides, the young leaders will present the final project and each student will give a short speech about what he learned and his\her personal experience throughout the dialogue.  

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